desert rosé

made a little sojourn to the desert a few weeks ago, to get away,, enjoy a moment or two of relaxation before the gift season was upon us and we would be working 18hr non stop days … so we drank some Sparkling French all weekend from our friends at @exigeantebubbly and yes I’m obsessed with these hoodies from @east_hampton_studios Palm Springs Tennis Forever!!!

the sparkling arts

My friend gave me a book about Bubbly. I had the best time reading about the French countryside. . . Truly. I was engrossed. The region of champagne is so special and curious. Sooo curious. And champagne making ignites every cylinder in my skull. I’m deeply into making. I feel such a kinship to any process oriented pursuit that it’s somewhat painful…because my mind borders on obsessive and I become transported into a fellow makers world, especially when confronted with such lovely work as making fine champagne and wines. Oh the details! Enough to make me lit from within on the mere information itself!

Anyhow, I started to have feelings of effervescence enter my creative psyche I’m sure, Because these delightful little baubles came forth not too long after. And they demand celebration! They demand a hand grasping a flute tightly without a clue as to what might come next for an evening. . .Ah yes. The journey. Where shall these bubbly babies take us?

explorer of the creative

Thanks for joining me on my newest journey, Mother of Diamonds. I look forward to sharing all my creative endeavors with you as I go.

I work with gold that holds our past and diamonds that see the future and rubies that long for love. It’s just a way of telling a story.” – Waris Ahluwalia

I started making rings a few years ago, completely smitten with the intrinsic shiny qualities of stones. And, as I’ve come to work with them more, I feel like they are siMilar to all God’s children. They are so lovely and unique and have the capacity to shine in such specific ways. And the blessings they contain. And their ability to complement one another. Amazing amazing amazing.

Among other things, I’m truly excited to share my jewelry and creative pursuits with you on this blog! Im here, in a little mid-century pied-a-terre in the Hollywood Hills, with a cup of tea, and the light of a small window,,, and the inspiration of these rings I just made. Enjoy xx MOD