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Local designer and ceramicist Marlena Rijn is quite the up-and-comer, launching the most lovely micro collections via instagram.

Get in on the next drop by following her handle @rijnstudio or go to her site: RijnStudio

She painstakingly creates item drops every few months, with the most darling and quirky hand on her wares, and we can’t get enough.

& What’s more, til the next drop, you can grab a few of her OG pieces on


I’ve been blogging since probably 2007, and have had the most wonderful and amazing things come to pass from my little ol’ blog.

I really attribute much of my success to digital publishing! (So get on it if you are not!)

I’ve traveled the world filming, owned and created a cult brand, gone on tour, released a full-length studio album, spoken at universities, starred in a tv show, and worked creatively with wonderful partners,, and 100% think its all from steadily documenting what I’ve been up to.

At times I’ve looked good and succeeded, and at other times I’ve failed and looked like crud. And I’m doing great. LOL. …I think that is all part of the process. Life has ups and downs, but its the journey. I stand by the journey and the process.

Lately, as a result of these ponderings of digital publishing and its magic, I’ve taken up vlogging. It’s been so cosmic! I really enjoy the filming and the editing and the publishing. All aspects!

I most enjoy the movement, so much movement, it makes everyday feel like a blur. And when you realize all that you are missing via the camera, you also realize how packed your day is with beauty. The truly effortless beauty of all of life has become so salient and divine to me! The way a kettle boils has become art. The crumb dangling on my lip has become art. The odd stumbling pursing of my lips as a resting, idle or go-to expression, hyperbolized. What an affair this life stuff…

I love it.

…& All the drab and lackluster moments have sprung forth into the spotlight; ‘the mundane risen’ is my ode to my own reality.

I do realize, having reflected back on my early vlogs, that I am sharing very basic moments. And I’m okay with that as well. It’s definitely more challenging to grab the moments of drama or excitement. I guess for now I get to keep those for just myself. Although I will try to grab as I grow in this medium. (And i feel that I am already growing, in such a short time,, & beginning to capture things that truly interest and excite my senses.. and I hope yours too one day!)

I’ll leave you with this, all lives are art and inherently creative. All lives have nuances and peaks and valleys. Remember to do you and find pleasure in your crumbs, or in your awkward gazes, because there is so much beauty in those moments, its amazing!


Holistic Integrated Healing can be a cool journey in the self-care arena. And to me that is what it is, a journey, but like lightweight, to me its like getting a facial but healing-wise. An aesthetician is not a surgeon ya know. . . but going and getting a facial can feel really great and elevate your mood for the day or week 🙂

& There are many modalities within healing and self-care, and lots to unpack naturally for each individual… & def warning, there can definitely be snake-oil along the way, so use judgement, research and your own intuition as to who and what speaks to you when on your journey!

One modality I LOVE is hypno-therapy. My first encounter with it’s usefulness came while I was in college, and I explored it’s use a bit, with much success then. I worked through some challenges I had faced, and found it to be ultra-relaxing and liberating. I also discovered parts of my purpose in my life, which has been very useful to me over the years when making decisions.

Since college, I have seen quite a few different hypno-therapists in LA from time to time, when I’ve needed a re-up and had good experiences with them all!! – I also have gotten into self-hypnosis and practice that quite often, as well as listenening to youtube guided meditations, but when I need a good re-boot I’ll go see someone.

My two favorite hypno-therapists in LA are:

Mary B Hypno

Cristina @ Liberate Emporium

I would check out both and go see a few others from other recommendations, to dial in who and what you’re into. Don’t take my word for it, explore on your own!

If you want to get out of LA and go on a little healing journey:

– Go see this woman for an other worldly experience in Ojai, she combines facials and healing modalities:


– Go see this woman for an other worldly experience in Orange County, she combines acupuncture and healing modalities:

As Designed Wellness

Happy travels! Remember, all healing comes from within, prayer is powerful, but having a kind guide or two, or a ‘facial’ can be nice on the way.



went out to the desert to shoot some photos I’d had on a mood board for a long time … enlisted two of my besties, Donna and Mary. They shot these. I may use for some of my album artwork. ( I’ve been writing a full length album in LA for two years, and it’s close to being finished! ) I’m not sure yet on the exact nature of the album artwork. I’m ever evolving and I wait until I know. And rn I just don’t know. BUT I LOVE these. so here they are. . . we captured them at the famous Vasquez rocks. Known for their otherworldly appearance.

Longboards and Longsleeves

I went to a Malibu with my Love and he did a little surfing and since I’m terrible at surfing, I went swimming. And that is good enough for me. I love the water at first break. It’s so lovely. It’s like a pool! It’s a tiny little protected area that is nice to float in out past the break. I often go polar bearing there and think of it fondly.

But overall, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how much I love these rash guards that companies are putting out way more of! They are so lovely when you don’t want to expose décolleté at the swimming pool or beach. I try to get as little sun there as possible! Right?! Who doesn’t?

This one is J.Crew and I LOVE it and I get so many compliments when I wear it. I’d like to make them myself. We will see… I need to plan a trip to my manufacturer and see about getting them made!

In the meantime, if you make swimmies, someone please make more of these! So rad.

Here’s a list of some cute ones or near ones:








Shana Lee Hoops

How magnificent is @shanaleejewelry?

Do you see the simple hoops I have on and how much they rock!?!

Love this woman! …A fellow industry vet, I’ve worn her items for years! People always ask if they are mine, but I have to effusively say to them, ‘They are Shana Lee, and she makes insanely crafted and gorgeous minimalist jewelry! And I live for it.”

Her hoops are my favorite of what she does, they are just exquisite with handiwork and her engineering is spot on! I love how they don’t travel! They stay right in place and look rich af.

Check Shana Lee and her glorious wares out.




LA Blooms

It feels like LA is blooming again after this year and a half of rebirth. And I LOVE IT. There’s a new vibrancy that feels fresh and spirited. And a resiliency I’ve never experienced before. I looked forward to what’s to come with a new found faith in the future.

So, because things are feeling more open, and since they actually are open, I met my family at the Farmer’s Market, and couldn’t help but stop at Ricks Produce Market @ricksproduce to snap some pix. I mean. How cute is his stand? And with all the Proteas and Sunflowers. Blooming beautyyyyy!









Xoxo Suzy

French Fries and Vibes

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

Feels like eternity since we’ve stopped at Figaro, but it was such a divine, lovely summer late afternoon, that the establishment beckoned us. . .

Two of the things that makes me continue to love LA are the sidewalk cafes, and the European inspired restaurants that are so romantic and filled with beautiful experiences.

Figaro is both, and their happy hour is somewhat legendary amongst the bon vivants of the east side. The small tables always attract a menagerie of eclectic characters to happy hour with, which makes for fun encounters, and great people watching to say the least.

We had Kir Royales, crab cakes and pommes frites, while we observed several dozen Aperol Spritz’s head out to fellow diners…

Then we indulged in Figaro’s creme brulee to say Au Revoir!

Everything was lovely and delicious, with the French fries and vibes being mon préféré et très magnifique!!