Easy Peazy Fasting

Fasting has many health benefits!

…But it has so little practical info out there on HOW to actually do it, easily!

For instance, one can do intermittent fasting, and find tons of info on what to eat and not eat and when etc,, but you may still find yourself failing miserably in your efforts, and failing to gain the sought after effects!

Sooooo, here is a SUPER PRACTICAL GUIDE to a 3 day liquid fast, that should have one feeling good the WHOLE time, and thus, one hopefully will find it easier to succeed in creating the desired effects!

This guide is really about BEGINNERS! & learning to maintain the fast, at the most minimal level, in order to begin to get the benefits!

We find that once one begins to see benefits, they will tend to find more motivation to begin dialing in the more nuanced details to max out benefits later! Ya know!

1) soup soup soup

Broth is often one of the itemized allowable liquids on a liquid fast. So get there. Get after that broth! Stock up on broth soups, boxed broths, fresh broths, whatever you’re into. Trader Joe’s has an excellent selection and is better on the budget than Whole Foods. But pick whatever works for you.

Here are three products that will help you immensely:

2) juice juice juice

For a long time the whole ‘juicery fasting’ trend was hot! You would get a whole cooler of pressed juices and have at it. Not bad. But I personally need variety in order to skip food for three days!

And I think the juice places are over priced…

Trader Joe’s has great green juice and red juice, grab a few, to supplement your broth and water situation.

Try diluting the juices with a ton of water, 1:1, so as to not get too much sugar at once.

3) water water water

Make sure you have tons of delicious filtered water. If you need help pushing water, try stocking up on expensive ones, trust us, it can help the cause both psychologically, and in actuality. I love Voss, Fiji and Essentia when I’m fasting, extra tasty! Worth it if you find it hard to push water.

4) Here’s the PRACTICAL plan:

Take 1 jar of Trader Joe’s vegetable soup, 1 ~2 liter bottle of water, 1 box of chicken broth, and 1 box of chicken bone broth and put all in a huge Stock Pot on low, first thing in the morning.

Let it simmer away on low heat.

5) What about Coffee?

Do your morning coffee thing , don’t worry about even cheating and doing milk/nut milk sometimes (in my opinion the ends justifies the means in this case. You will still see benefits!) in your coffee.

Then the instance you get a twinge of hunger at all, take a huge glass of the warm broth and drink it immediately!

6) Rinse and Repeat all day.

And if you begin to get bored of broth, change it up and have some juice water.

And more water. And more broth.

Super Important: Drink broth literally the second you get a hunger pang. That’s why you should leave it on low on the stove all day or in a crock pot/slow cooker.

Do not wait. If you wait you may get too hungry and then uncomfortable and then break the fast prematurely!

So we find it most effective to head off the hunger with the broth immediately!!

That’s it.

Do that for 3 days. And bingo. You did it. You made it. You did a 3 day juice fast.

Your skin should glow. Your gut should thank you. And you should feel very energetic and thriving.

The energy usually kicks in late in the day the first day or on the second day! It’s like a little runners high. Feels good. Try to look for it so you get a sense that it’s ‘working.’

7) More tips:

A) Stay home and don’t make plans to do this. Block out the 3 days. Makes it way easier.

B) Try coupling this practice with prayer and/ or meditation! If you go through some of our articles there are links to flute water music and various meditative media.

C) Chill out and don’t take it too seriously. Start with a one day fast if you must. Gain the confidence there, and then a week or two later do a two day fast, and so on. Using this method I’ve built up to a 5 day liquid fast! Some people do up to 14 days and completely rewire their systems. Look it up on YouTube under ‘water fasting’.

IMPORTANT: Breaking the Fast

Make sure to watch a video, for instance by Thomas Delauer, on how to break your fast. It’s important to go easy on your digestion!

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. RossmoreLA and it’s agents are not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents are not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents provide entertainment in order to help you reach your own goals through personal accountability. Information for entertainment and inspirational purposes only.

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