New Seamless

My studio space post-quarantine increased, and I’m sooo happy!

And due to this, I’ve been able to take the seamless that I had setup in my smaller space and move it to a now dedicated wall in the larger studio. I couldn’t be happier. You can see it set up behind me on the wall in the pix below.

I have a funny hack err choice. . .I don’t like heavy equipment and rolls on my walls lest I need to adjust things. . .And let me tell you, I’m always adjusting things.

So over the years I’ve taken to putting up a light weight curtain rack and then using Clamps to put up just the photography paper, sans the heavy roll. I use shears to cut off a long piece.

It’s easier for me to switch out by myself, and I don’t need all the industrial equipment. I’m into easy and light and movable. Those are my signposts.

Anyway. Here I am feeling good about the new larger space! -Cute hoops from the shop and a bag my pr friend sent me. And like I had imagined, it’s true, when you have a seamless ready to go, you never know when an impromptu moment happens and you get a good shot or two. 📸

Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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