Holistic Integrated Healing can be a cool journey in the self-care arena. And to me that is what it is, a journey, but like lightweight, to me its like getting a facial but healing-wise. An aesthetician is not a surgeon ya know. . . but going and getting a facial can feel really great and elevate your mood for the day or week 🙂

& There are many modalities within healing and self-care, and lots to unpack naturally for each individual… & def warning, there can definitely be snake-oil along the way, so use judgement, research and your own intuition as to who and what speaks to you when on your journey!

One modality I LOVE is hypno-therapy. My first encounter with it’s usefulness came while I was in college, and I explored it’s use a bit, with much success then. I worked through some challenges I had faced, and found it to be ultra-relaxing and liberating. I also discovered parts of my purpose in my life, which has been very useful to me over the years when making decisions.

Since college, I have seen quite a few different hypno-therapists in LA from time to time, when I’ve needed a re-up and had good experiences with them all!! – I also have gotten into self-hypnosis and practice that quite often, as well as listenening to youtube guided meditations, but when I need a good re-boot I’ll go see someone.

My two favorite hypno-therapists in LA are:

Mary B Hypno

Cristina @ Liberate Emporium

I would check out both and go see a few others from other recommendations, to dial in who and what you’re into. Don’t take my word for it, explore on your own!

If you want to get out of LA and go on a little healing journey:

– Go see this woman for an other worldly experience in Ojai, she combines facials and healing modalities:


– Go see this woman for an other worldly experience in Orange County, she combines acupuncture and healing modalities:

As Designed Wellness

Happy travels! Remember, all healing comes from within, prayer is powerful, but having a kind guide or two, or a ‘facial’ can be nice on the way.


Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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